Handwashing prevents skin infections or gastrointestinal diseases

Washing your hands properly is necessary to avoid skin infections or gastrointestinal diseases, said Dr. Morayta Ramírez, head of the infectology service at the National Medical Center November 20.

“Everything we interact with every day is full of bacteria, a cell phone, for example, has 30 times more bacteria than a toilet, there are bacteria, viruses and disease-causing parasites,” said the pediatric infectologist in a release.

In the framework of the World Handwashing Day, which is celebrated on October 15, the specialist said that people are in daily contact with objects such as computer keyboards, ATMs, coins and bills, among other objects that are incubators of bacteria

“These can endanger our health if we do not have a proper cleaning habit in our hands. In fact, in one hand they have been able to identify between 104 and 109 different types of bacteria,” he said.

Children, especially when having outdoor activities, contact with animals, toys and other things have a higher risk of getting an infection such as diarrhea, which can be complicated due to dehydration.

“When a person does not wash their hands with soap and water, they can transmit bacteria, parasites and viruses, either by direct contact, that is, by touching another person, or indirectly, by touching surfaces,” he added.

That is why he asked for extreme care, washing his hands for at least a minute so that washing is efficient and reducing the risk of gastrointestinal diseases and doing it before, during and after preparing food, caring for someone sick, going to the bathroom, changing diapers , sneeze and touch pets.

“If, despite washing our hands, we notice some type of infection, it is important to see a doctor as this is the best way to identify the cause of our problem and determine the best treatment to solve it,” Morayta Ramírez concluded.