Hygiene guide in physiotherapy centers

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Hygiene in physiotherapy centers not only helps ensure the well-being of the patient and workers, but also helps prevent nosocomial infections. The physiotherapy or rehabilitation centers receive dozens of patients at the end of the day and, some of them, have a somewhat delicate state of health. That is why, although these centers are not…

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The normal characteristics of the skin.

Skin health

To understand the goal of hand hygiene it is essential to know the normal characteristics of the skin. The skin is normally colonized, and different areas of skin have different rates of bacterial colonies measured as: cfu / cm2; In the RN the areas of greatest colonization are: perineal-inguinal, umbilical, axillary, cervical, and lower limbs.…

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Adherence of hand hygiene


The main problem with HAND HYGIENE is not related to the possibility of obtaining only good products, but to the lack of compliance with the norm. Numerous published studies conclude that health personnel wash their hands half of the times they are indicated and in general with less duration than recommended. The factors identified that…

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How to monitor the hand hygiene effect?

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Normative requirements: “Medical staff hand hygiene standards” 2009: 1. The hand disinfection effect should meet the following requirements: a) Sanitary hand cleaning, the total number of bacterial colonies monitored should be ≤10cfu/cm2 b) Surgical hand disinfection, the total number of bacterial colonies monitored should be ≤ 5cfu/cm2 2. Concept of sanitary hand disinfection and surgical…

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Choosing a hand sanitizer during the winter months

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Our skin, namely the hands, is prone to dry out in the winter due to the decrease in temperature, thinner blood volume, and slower circulation. To satisfy everyone in the office, according to their skin type, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing hand sanitizers for use in the office during…

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Handwashing prevents skin infections or gastrointestinal diseases

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Washing your hands properly is necessary to avoid skin infections or gastrointestinal diseases, said Dr. Morayta Ramírez, head of the infectology service at the National Medical Center November 20. “Everything we interact with every day is full of bacteria, a cell phone, for example, has 30 times more bacteria than a toilet, there are bacteria,…

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