How to do hand hygiene?

Caring for life, starting from the heart, control infection, start from the hand.

Small bacteria are a big hazard! Busy work requires us to hate to become three-headed and six-armed or even incarnate in the hands of Guanyin.

While doing a good job, our hands often catch a variety of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Even super bacteria, which are clinically troublesome multi-drug resistant bacteria!

Then, take a look at our hands after the incarnation of Avalokitesvara! This is the case on the surface.

Office, hand shake, hygiene

Office, hand shake, hygiene, germs, bacterial

Actually, it is like this


Do you know how many bacteria are in your hand? A person’s hand can hold more than 400,000 bacteria.

A large number of epidemiological data indicate that hospital infections are mostly transmitted directly or indirectly through contact, which is more dangerous than air transmission.

In daily life, the hand has the most chance of contact with other items, and the bacteria on the skin of the hand are more than the other parts of the body, both in type and in quantity.

germs, hands

bacterial in hands

When I saw such a picture, many people started to calm down.

? “I feel very disgusting!”

? “We usually see a cockroach, it feels so dirty and disgusting!”

“Oh, our hands, if you don’t wash your hands, it’s like holding an armpit!”

“When you bring so many bacteria to the patient, isn’t that the same as poisoning?”

It is estimated that washing up hands every year can save the lives of 1 million people who are sick.

The six-step hand washing method recommended by the World Health Organization can reduce the number of bacteria by 21%.

Strict implementation of correct hand washing rules can reduce hospital infections by 20%-30%

Then the problem is coming!

How to wash?

The seven-character slogan method makes it easy for you to start, “inside and outside the folder attacking the big pill”, it seems like the martial arts magic trick.

Have you washed your hands today?